Sunday, 5 November 2017

I love preparing for the week ahead with my well practised Sunday night ritual. After a busy weekend of adventures it's so nice to have a little pamper and wind down ready for the hectic week ahead. I always look forward to that little slot of time after Sunday dinner when I can slap a face mask on hop in the bath and unwind while reading a book or watching something on Netflix so I thought I'd share my Sunday night rouitine with you lovely bunch.

My little routine always starts with washing away the days make up and applying a face mask. Whether it's a individual sachet like the Rose cleansing mask from Primark (one of my personal faves) or this new one from Glossier I love taking the time to make sure I get rid of every bit of make up and then applying the mask. I love this Glossier one as its super hydrating and my skin has been really dehydrated over the last couple of weeks due to the colder weather.

I normally apply the mask as I'm waiting for a big bubble filled bath to run and I always chuck I'm some kind of bath goodie and tonight I'm going to be trying these Rose scented Chill Pills from Wax and Works that I picked up at last weeks Artisan Market. By now the bath is filled to the brim with bubbles, I'll have lit a few million different scented candles and I'm ready to chill for an hour or so with a book or a series, I've been watching Power and I am obsessed! while I'm in the bath I was away my face mask and cleanse using either the Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser or the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser.

One I'm completely relaxed and let's be honest turning into a prune it's time to jump out the bath into the comfiest fluffiest dressing gown I can find and apply some of my favourite &Otherstories Miami Muse body lotion. I featured this in a haul a couple of weeks ago and it's still a must have for me. The scent is so luxurious and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. It also soaks into my skin really nicely so I won't feel all sticky or slimy like so body lotions.

Last up I like to remove the previous weeks nail polish, which by now is looking more than a bit 'lived in', and give myself a manicure and a fresh coat. At the minute I'm loving everything Essie but this shade is by far my favourite. "Spin the Bottle" is a light taupe shade which is perfect for Autumn and Essie polishes are just so easy to apply evenly, I just love 'em!

So that's pretty much it gals, my Sunday routine leaving me all pampered and shiny for a new week ahead! Whats part of your Sunday routine?


Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Yeah ok so I might be a little late to this party with this post but better late than never eh? I was wandering round Primark the other day looking for some of the amazing Cleansing Rose Face Masks that I love when I came across these babies. These 3 amazing palettes are basically dupes of the pricier Urban Decay Naked palettes and with the tiny price tag of £4, yes FOUR SHINY BRITISH POUNDS, I obviously had to grab all three. I've used a couple of Primark lipsticks before but I've never tried any of the eye palettes so I was so excited to play with these!

There are 2 neutral palettes, Minerals and Nude, and a darker Smoky palette. I love neutral shades I always mix a couple for an everyday look, and then add build them up and a little extra shimmer for a night out. All three palettes look so pretty with a mix of matte and shimmery shades to play with and build up. They all have names too which makes it even easier to share my favourite shades with you lucky gals. So far I'm loving Tourmaline, Sandstone and Pink Quartz from the Minerals Palette, Beached Babe, Caught Red Handed and Skinny Dipping from Nudes and Winter Mist, Eventide and Leaded Lights from Smoky. All the shades are super pigmented and are perfectly creamy which makes them so easy to blend. All the shades look a little bit faint when first applied but after building
them up they look so gorgeous and each shades packs a punch! They're perfect for all year round with lighter shades for Summer  and rich darker shades for Autumn Winter.

I'm so surprised by how much I love these palettes for £4 I obviously expected them to be a bit wishy washy but they are a thousand times better than I ever expected. The packaging is so minimalistic and pretty too and actually feels like it will last without falling about after a couple of weeks. The only disappointing thing is they don't come with either a mirror or a brush but for £4 I really can't complain, I actually picked up a couple of eyeshadow blending brushes for £1.50 each so let's say £5.50 for the palette and brush compared to £35+ for the Naked Palettes!

Have you tried these palettes?

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